Our Beers

Below you can find details of our current and upcoming beers. Those that have previously been produced but are not currently available (or planned) can be found in the archive.

There's no guarantee of where our beers will be available at any given time, but we'll be adding a link alongside each beer shortly to give you some pointers to where it has been delivered to, this feature is just being finalised.

Currently Available

Beer Name Strength Style Description
East Indiaman 4.7% IPA

An All-English IPA. Light ruby in colour with a good level of bitterness coupled with pleasing malt flavours before finishing with a subdued fruitiness. Some of the bolder English hops are used in generous quantities - while these may not pack the punch of the big new world hops they are certainly not lacking in flavour!

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Turuma 4.2% Porter-Weisse

A hybrid of styles, bringing together an oatmeal porter and a wheat beer into a dark, luscious, porter with a rich taste. Available for delivery from the last week in October.

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Bengalee 4.2% Hoppy Golden Wheat Beer

Naturally hazy, well hopped wheat beer. Refreshing and zingy.

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Golden Hind 5.9% West Coast IPA

Packed full of US hops, this is a big fruity IPA with crisp bitterness. Continuous hopping through the last 30 minutes of the boil using Galena, Ahtanum and Delta gives a rounded hop profile that despite the strength is very moreish.

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Passepartout 7.3% Double IPA

A special beer, brewed for a very special occasion - to celebrate the 40th birthday of Offbeat Brewery's Michelle! Passepartout's solid malt base provides a perfect platform for an "around the world" selection of hops: Azacca (US), Admiral (UK), Cascade (Germany) and Waimea (NZ) were continuously added in rotation during the last 30 minutes of the boil to provide a harmony of bitterness and flavour that doesn't pull any punches. Limited edition.

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Pointu 3.9% Farmhouse Mild / Smoky Dark Saison

Starting from the concept of a dark English mild, a Belgian twist was added with the use of flavoursome dark malts from the continent. German Rauchmalt brings a hint of smoke, and a combination of late-addition US hops and a Saison yeast completes a fruity finish. Very light-bodied in contrast to expectations from the deep brown colour, an easy-drinking mild that is far from traditional.

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