New beer - catch it while you can!

This week sees a "new" beer making its first appearance, at the fantastic Independent Salford Beer Festival.

Back at the start of this year a portion of our Double IPA, Passepartout, was put away in two steel 18 gallon casks, with a helping of funky yeast added to each to hopefully add some "brett" character through a slow secondary fermentation. The result, some 8 months later, has now been transferred into a limited run of 5 kegs, each containing a blend from the two casks and weighing in at 7.4%. One of these will be gracing the bar at Salford in a few days' time.

It's been an interesting experiment, first samples suggest that the ageing has brought more of a fruity character than a markedly funky one, especially to one of the two casks - the final blend will introduce its own subtle character too, so we can but wait to see what the finished result is at the end of this week.

There are four kegs left if anyone should want one, and this will be the last new beer appearing under the Otherton name for a while - quite frankly it is hard to justify starting up at the new premises just yet given the current state of the market, so time to take stock and consider next steps carefully I feel, while paying more attention to other demands that sadly get in the way of pursuing this particular dream for now.

Hope you enjoy "Passepartout Brett-Aged"...