Location Location Location!!!

It's something that seems to be causing much confusion of late, so it is perhaps a goo time to clarify things.

Otherton Ales is still cuckoo brewing at Offbeat in Crewe, Cheshire. This will continue until we eventually move into our own premises, hopefully in the second half of 2016 but there are a number of factors to address before that can happen. Output will naturally reduce when Offbeat downsizes the brewing kit in late May 2016 but will continue where possible.

We now have our own premises in Audley, just over the county border into Staffordshire. No brewing takes place here but it will be increasingly used as a postal address, as well as being for storage for now. It is also one of the options for a permanent brew kit of our own. However, the preferred option for now is another site back in Cheshire but it is some way off being able to commit one way or another.

Audley will also end up being the location we are attributed to in the 2017 Good Beer Guide. Listings for next year's guide had to be submitted three months ago, so it was a case of making the best guess as to what would be correct by the time the 2017 is published this autumn. Things have changed a little since then, with new options opening up, and as stated above decisions aren't final yet.

So, Otherton Ales remains the Staffordshire Cuckoo Brewing in Crewe at least for now, whatever anyone else might try and tell you!