Otherton Ales started life in Penkridge, Staffordshire on the edge of Cannock Chase, with the forest and its resident deer population inspiring what is now the brewery logo. Like many small breweries nowadays our origins are in the world of home brewing, but a desire and passion for creating and sharing good beer just grew and grew. When the opportunity arose in the summer of 2013 to turn a home brewed recipe into a commercial-scale batch the seeds were sown, and just over a year later Otherton Ales was officially registered as a brewery and found a new home.

At the end of November 2014 we started brewing on a "cuckoo" basis at Offbeat in Crewe. A cuckoo brewer makes use of the facilities of another brewer rather than having their own, but in all other aspects is a completely separate entity. So, while we only rent the brewery equipment at Offbeat, we are brewing our own recipes, using our own ingredients, putting them in our own casks and kegs, and handling our own sales.

During 2015 we did acquire some premises of our own just across the county boundary in Audley, Staffordshire, but to date this has been mostly used for storage. While we are still "Brewing in Crewe", the Audley site is now the official "home" of Otherton Ales - watch out for some interesting developments happening there during 2016!